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Passion From Afar – In Defence of Armchair FansNFL at Wembley Stadium in 2010

The NFL, the NBA, the Premier League, the PGA Tour. All of these sport leagues and organisations have a truly global fanbase, the majority of who have never actually seen it live. We wondered, does that matter?

This week, we hear from people proud to be passionate from their armchairs.

West Stand, Rodney ParadeThe Non League Clubs Building Their Fanbases Online

People all over the country are turning away from top level football and supporting their local non league clubs. Keen to capitalise on the changing tides, some savvy clubs are making the most of the opportunities that online marketing presents.

We’ve spoken to those increasing the gates on a Saturday via their work online.

Is Twitter Still a Good Match Twitter Flying BirdsFor Sport?

Twitter is in a sticky patch at the moment. In order to ensure they don’t lose any more attention, the company are betting big on sport. The problem is, there is so much negativity on Twitter when it comes to sport.

Here’s our search from some positivity on Twitter.